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Open chat meetings with the officers and BoD


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With the rising cost of gas, getting to meetings outside the area is tough ( let alone with some of us and our work and personal schedules ).


What would people think of an 'all hands' quarterly online chat session? IMO, monthly wouldn't work, as getting all the officers/BoDs together was tough to do. Maybe throw one of the regular meetings as an open to all members for Q&A about club activities, suggestions, etc?

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I can agree that the economy is slapping us around a little. Kevin and I, along with the Brandy and the board members are trying to come up with creative ways to keep in touch, have meetings, and keep the club together as a whole with out extensive travel!


We are now "official" as of the 1st of July, and already have tons of ideas! Unfortunately, it takes a little time to get the ball rolling! I am definately chomping at the bit!


I promise that I will keep updating any and all info on this matter as it comes down!


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Thank you Kris,


I would like to thank Kris for her time and dedication to our club, as well as helping keep the lines of communication open and productive.


I can officially say today July 1st, as the first day of this new term, we are committed to many changes that will ease the strain on all of our wallets.


I am currently putting in place two ways to meet in person. First we are going to offer monthly in home meeting, and second, we are putting in place monthly Meet and Greets in local areas for those that are not able to make the scheduled in home club meetings.


As your new officers, we are committed to finding ways to restructure the way that we are currently conducting our club in the form of new options for meeting as well as new ways for you to become more involved.




I am currently looking for volunteers to offer their homes on monthly bases. My understanding is that our members felt that in home meeting worked better in the past; as well as allowing you to become more connected with members with tanks in their homes.




We are currently looking for your input as to where you would like to hold monthly Meet and Greets in your local area.


If you have a favorite coffee bar, restaurant or even a park that you would like to use for the summer, please contact me as I will schedule this as well as I would enjoy being in attendance.


Thank you in advance



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