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Alpha Omega Zoas for Trade or Sale


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I have a good sized colony of "alpha and omega" zoas that I would like to trade for something else or sell. the colony is at least 80 polyps and is about 3.5" X 1.5" grown over a dead clam shell. I am terrible at photography and have tried to get a better photo but I can't. They look 100 times better in my tank than the photo below. For a better photo check the zoa gallery at www.zoaid.com. They are the same colony as the "alpha omega" photo at that website. I am in Portland and you are welcome to come over to my house to see what they really look like.


I am looking to trade for other colorful zoas or SPS. I am most interested in colorful and LE SPS. I paid $60 for my original frag of these which was about 10 polyps so the whole colony has some value. I would also be willing to frag the colony if you would prefer. The photo is at the link below. Respond to this thread or call me on my cell at 503-330-4772. Thanks.





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