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FS: Mac G4 tower, Xerox laser printer, free stuff


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A few last things for sale, figured I'd list it here before craigslist


Apple G4 Tower

- "Wind Tunnel" edition

- Dual hard drive RAID setup

- 2G RAM (I think)

- I used this to do professional graphic design work, very reliable

- Dual CD drives, one also plays DVD I believe

- Upgraded video card to work on Apple Cinema HD display, will include original video card

- Running Mac OSX Jaguar and can still boot in Mac OS9

- Keyboard

- Mouse not included

- $5000 when new


- Asking only $50, it's dusty, it hasn't been used in a while, but hey it's only $50

- I think I'm going to do a clean reinstall before I sell this, not sure yet but probably a good idea.


Xerox N2125

- Commercial use laser B/W printer

- Network compatible, also parallel or USB

- Built like a tank, 10x's more solid than consumer quality printers

- Will include spare print cartridges, each one lasts a very long time

- Manual Feed doesn't work too well, but auto bin works great and takes all kinds of paper

- over $1000 when new


- Asking only $50, it's very heavy, I hope someone realizes what a deal this is, it just happens to be so heavy that there is no way I could have it shipped with me

- Available after July 7th


eMac G4




-read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMac


- FREE to whoever buys the Mac or Xerox


Epson Stylus C82 Color Inkjet printer

- Print heads need a real cleaning

- Cartridges probably all need replacing

- Will include brand new magenta cartridge


- FREE to whoever buys the Mac or Xerox (choose this or the eMac)

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