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WTT my setosa for your ??


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I want to trade a frag of my montipora setosa for a frag of another rare colorful coral i.e. australian acans, le polyps, le monti's, le acros, micromussa. Trade is for metalic orange frag in the center of this photo. Frag is aprox 1/2in x 1/2in x 1/2in healed and growing. Frag retails for $100 Sorry for the crappy pic


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I've got a frag of this monti spongode. One of the nodules broke off, so it's a decent size.

- DSC_1653.jpg


Also a small frag of the monti behind that, not sure what type it is.


The polyps on these shots are partially retracted because I just scraped the glass and they got jostled.


Also, this acro - again not sure what it is here's the frag, and mother colony. The mother lost it's green polyps, but they are on the way back you can see them in the frag. It's green/purple, and depending on the light the intensity change.






And then, this monti :) The mother is a big one with greenish polyps and purple base, the frag has baby blue polyps with the purple base... Here's the frag I'd trade, and another frag that's growing out on my rock - it's an encruster.




Sorry for the image quality , I did a quick snap of these.

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