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rbta for sale


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I've got a baby rbta about 2-3 inches that split from my roses. It is aquacultured for years in captivity and doesn't get very big before it splits. Not wild. I am in the clackamas damascus area if you're interested give me a call at 971-570-7536. I won't have it for long. If you want to come by today and pick it up it's yours. Willing to trade for lawnmower blenny or maybe a foxface.

Selling for $40



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They are splits from the rose in the PNWMAS Banner. I have had these for a long time.

I will also take trades on CA media the GEN-X Big Stuff not ARM, Phosphate Media, Kent Salt and 72" VHO's.

This is an old pic but they don't change


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I wont be back in oregon for about 2 months but keep me in mind for future splits.


Man....are you still moveing here? I saw you post that you were comming months ago Mr Crabs (laugh). Get on the stick dude...The great Northwest awaits. Its a great place to live.





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just curious...


If the RBTA is splitting off the one in that tank shot...how do you get it off the rock? When it splits does it go wandering off for a few days and give you chance to catch it? Do you peal it off the rock or do you do the "flip the rock over ontop of it and wait for it to crawl out from underneath method"?


BTW, I really like the aquascaping in your tank!

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