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Growth Pics

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Nice growth. High nutrients in the water. Problem is not cleaning often enough, and maybe not cleaning properly, and maybe too little light.

So this:

Take the screen out and brush clean in tap water, including cleaning out all the screen holes. Let soak in tap water for 10 minutes to kill the pods. Should end up almost all white.

Brush clean the tray and pipe and slot in tap water, and use vinegar if needed to remove coralline.

I can't tell the flow, but make sure it flows off the entire bottom of the screen.

Plug in all 6 lights (look to see all are bright), and run for 24 hours (no timer).

Water flow 24 hours of course.

See how it looks in 5 days. A week is probably too long with nutrients this high.


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My nitrates are 12 and my phosphate is 0.12.

I've cleaned everything per your recommendation. I soaked in citric acid instead of vinegar for the coraline algae. Lights on 24/7 now.

My flow may have been too high. I had water spraying on to the outer shell of the ATS. With this deep clean, I added in a valve so I can adjust the flow. I adjusted it so that it flows across the entire bottom part of the screen. I'll check flow again in a few days after some growth.

Should I be concerned with my parameters since I cleaned the screen so well? I was under the impression you just want to scrap across the screen for cleanings.

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No in a few days it will be filtering better than before. It was not really filtering at all because it was not cleaned and the slime was falling off. With the good cleaning, nutrients might go up for a few days but then go down lower than before. The scrape across the screen was not correct for this growth.

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I need to post some growth in my hog.5 I ended growing a bunch of red ogo in it [12 hour timer] once the turf started to root on the substrate I pulled the ogo out but I could remove half the ogo every week and be back to full everytime.

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This new SURF4x scrubber (tm) is half shaded with the included black shade cloth, which dims the light that otherwise would be too bright reflecting from the white Green Grabber textures and strings. After more growth fills in, the cloth is not used anymore. 




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16 hours ago, SantaMonica said:

Needs to all be scraped clean in tap water, and use only the top and bottom lights, not the middle. Clean every 7 days.

Is the idea to keep cleaning it every 7 days until it starts to get a greener growth? Washing in tap water kills the algae that's on the screen right?

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