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Ocean Water

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I have a limited supply of ocean water 2$/gallon.  - I have 250 gallons available

I will be at next weeks meeting June 30th

I can deliver 


It is filtered and buffered with soda ash to pH of 8.2.

ICP sent.

PM if interested.  

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Here’s the tea:

I had a slow STN over the last 2-3 months.  It was slow, hard to notice but I’ve been watching things not doing well and dying.  It’s been sad.  I replace RODI and things have been better.


I spend so much time making water/ filtering water/ testing water and now I’m adding in aquabiomics and I’m running in a circle keeping “good water”


Im giving this filtered ocean water buffered to 8.2 a try.  Truth is It works really well for some people.  

I have a little extra and hope others will try it with me….

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I still have Ocean Water left.

2$ / gallon

We hope to provide this service monthly

we can put it directly in holding tanksimage.thumb.jpg.43c6bd6f9560c87fae66f92e0d75d04f.jpg

I will deliver in Portland/Beaverton/close by for free


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