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June 2024 Meeting - The Crimson Reef, Oregon City (Sunday June 30th) 1-4 PM: SPECIAL RAFFLE ADDED

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I've decided to up our game a little bit for this meeting. I have added a special raffle that gives every paying member who attends the meeting an equal chance to win.

There will be 5 corals, listed below, up for raffle. Every paying member gets one free ticket for attending every meeting. The entries for this raffle will be limited to the free ticket given to paying members. If you are not a paying member and you would like to participate, no problem, you can sign up here for a year membership. At $24 per year it is still a great deal even just for this raffle!

Here are the corals up for raffle:

1) SKA Jackpot A. bifaria (formerly A. tenuis). I haven't seen a nicer Bifaria around.


2) Sexy Corals Orange Passion Acropora bifaria. This one needs no introduction. A high end favorite for many years. Google for pictures.

3) WWC Corals Allstar. This is an amazing coral that is related to ACR Fireworks and Tyree Merlin's Staff. Google this one to see how much WWC corals sells it for!

4) Lexinverts Monster Green Goni. This is probaby my favorite goni right now. It originally came from Cuttlefishandcorals and I have been aquaculturing it for about two years.


5) Lexinverts Red Wine Goni. This is the hardiest red Goniopora around. It originally came from Allthingsaquariums have been aquaculturing it  for about 2 years.


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On 6/27/2024 at 1:57 PM, Lexinverts said:

We have a strawberry shortcake acro as a group buy. $25 per spot. Add your name in this thread for a spot. You will pay for your frag at the meeting Sunday.

More details shortly, including pictures of the Strawberry Shortcake frags. Lot's of store specials for the upcoming meeting. You won't want to miss it!

I’m in for the group buy.


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1 hour ago, Lexinverts said:

Thanks to everyone for coming! We had about 30 people come, which was a great turnout. The Crimson Reef is a nice shop with great livestock!


Wow looks fun! So sad I couldnt make it 😞 

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