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Sand and Live Rock


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Well the 90 is finally coming down this weekend and will have a few chunks of live rock and about 40 to 50 pounds of fine argonite sand leftover. LEt me know if interested will let the sand go for 25 bucks and the rock for 60 for all pcs. There is a real nice 12 inch tall by about 15 inch wide chunk about 15 pounds plus. It has a nice little cave in the middle of it and also some holes for frags. I was going to keep it but decided on another rock at SWF (no aqua scaping with a 40 pounder(laugh)) The rock I am talking about is in the lower left corner with the sun coral on it. Can also get pics just pm me a email addy. If interested let me know and might be able to get it to the meeting on Sunday to.


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Hey Scott,


Yep, everythig looks great, the tank is crammed full of beautiful rock. I am the happiest reefer in the board.


Sorry that I took so long to post back, I have been building a QT/ frag tank and I am stoked with what it is looking like. One thing that I have gotten from this hobby is if the first tanks is taking too long for you, start another to curb your addiction.






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