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Halide : How far from water?

mister crabs

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I am ditching the top of my oceanic biocube 29 gallon in favor of a PFO 175w MH w/ 2x24w actinics. My question is how high should it be off the water? The tank measures 20" x 20" and the fixture is 16x12". I was thinking about 8". Is this too close? too far? I have seen tanks w/ halides 1-2" over the water but that seems too close. thanks for your help!

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Sorry to kind of hijack this thread...Do you (or anyone) put a covering of some sort over your tank? I am putting in some PCs that clip to the side of the tank (elevated clips, of course). I have an anorexic goby (a whole 'nother issue) whose suicidal tendencies may cause him to throw himself out of the tank.

That and I don't want to speed evap anymore, my office if humid enough now.

Any suggestions?

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