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Interest in Acetabularia (Mermaid Wine Glass)

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Location: Portland- Raleigh Hills

*local pickup only,  no bulk orders. If picking up for a friend then I need that person to contact me directly to confirm. *No Shipping*

A few heart twangs in having to break up my seed rocks but due to recent events I need to switch things up.

*Will be gauging local interest before I break up the rock and take it to a swap in approximately two weeks time*

Mainly for macroalgae collectors interested in possibly cultivating acetabularia which has a seasonal growth pattern of grow/die/repeat. Not suitable for most mixed reef aquaria. 

Care: high daylight (currently rocking 300+par), low flow (want it to be just outside of any flow zones you have but not stagnant). Flow will break the cups off the algae. Not enough and it will sag. Once you have a seed rock you'll be able to get growth spread as the macroalgae grows and dies spreading itself. Cups can be used to generate new cultures but difficult to successfully propogate from. Stems attached to rock is what you want. Prone to being wiped out by most herbivores since the calcification doesn't happen until the disk is formed. Even then the stem can be eaten but the disc can only be consumed by elysia slugs. Once your rock is seeded youll be fine. It will come and go in your care. Palatable to different organisms at different points in its life. 

*extremely delicate

*high level of care

*slow growing and sexual reproduction requires a mature/stable system to ensure the seed will spread.  

Recommendation: macroalgae exclusive tanks. (Protected waters)

Picture: mermaid wine glass that came back growing on a snail shell.

Would be awesome to do a growout with this one but extremely difficult. 

Directly message me if interested. Details to follow in coming weeks based on local interest. 


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KP aquatics is my favorite for seed rock. I use that to get a few different algae varieties and then I also use tyrees to get cryptic diversity. 

KP aquatics is where I sourced this algae from originally a few years ago. I've done my best not to lose any of the original rocks. 

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