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Three Months on a Frag Rack...

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I'll admit it, I have a hard time remembering and then later identifying some SPS corals I buy.    Therefore, I started a system a few years ago of taking pictures of corals the day I get them - while they're placed temporarily on a frag rack for acclimation.   You can even see my attempt this time to mark the frag plug with something memorable, in case I mixed them up.

Well, It's been three months and I'm finally ready to glue these (and a few other batches) onto the rockwork.  In prep, I took another picture of the frag rack.

I offer you this "Within an hour of being freshly dipped, the day I bough them" and "Today, after three months" to compare.   Some corals have exploded already.  Just look at the ORA Juicy Grape Acro.  Wow!



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