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Zoa Growout Competition

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Zoa Growout Competition !


I was thinking about doing this and after talking with the Officers and Board Members They said Go for it! :)

I will be doing 2 different Zoa Grow out competitions( assuming there is interest). Winners of each grow out will get prizes and of course bragging rights.  I will copy ( borrow with pride ) most of the rules from the Pink Cadillac grow out.  The 2 different zoas in the grow outs will be Pink Diamonds and White Zombies. I should have separate threads up by tomorrow night.  If your interested you Could start saying so in this thread. More to come



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56 minutes ago, Thatoneguy said:

I’m interested in learning more!

Will make more official but contest will go for 4 months. Pick up of frags can be at the up coming Club Meeting or at Paradise Coral. I can make up to 20 frags on the White Zombies and 30 frags of the Pink Diamonds. Price wise i'm thinking $20 for the Pink Diamonds and $30 for the White Zombies ( less than i normally sell them for )

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2 hours ago, svt_guido said:

When will the frags be available at Paradise Coral?

Starting this Friday. If you could respond in the threads I made for each growout I will know which one to put you down for :)

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