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Parting out set up... corals first


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Hi all,

I am no longer able to give my tank the love it deserves. The tank has been running for 16 months and I want to sell it all in one go. this also includes testing and dosing equipment. 

Here is the list of items: 

tank: water box AIO 50.3

stand: DIY reinforced cabinet 

lights: reef breeder 32 V2+

Return pump: sicce syncra SDC 6.0 wifi controllable

2 AI nero 3 

tunze auto top off osmolator 3155

Tunze comline DOC skimmer 9001

red sea lid kit

Live stock:

Paired black storm clown fish

Cleaner shrimp

Paired yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp

5 green chromis

carpenter wrasse

pipe fish 

leopard wrasse 


aussie gold torch

green anacropora

ora red planet

pc rainbow

miyagi tort

green torch

no name purple aussie torch

ORA red goniopora

peach alveopora

green and gold hammer 

gold hammer 

green and purple hammer

gold tip octospawn


WWC pink boobies

pink birds nest 

red setosa 

green birds nest

burning banana stylo

potato chip coral 

Green branching spongodes montipora

tubbs stellata 

birds of paradise seriatopora 

3 rock flower nems (yellow, red, red zebra) 

forrest fire rhodactis

fruity pebbles discosoma 

blue spotted disco

photosynthetic gorgonian 

long tentacle toad stool

green and yellow favia


ssb aphrodite 

blue agave 



orange oxide 

rainbow hornet 

wild purple zoa 

fruit loops 

red micro zoa

purple and orange zoa




asking $4250 OBO


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photos from today. 


gold torch- 150

birds of paradise 70

red goni- 70 

alveopora - 50

pavona- 40

red setosa 30

green anacropora 60

a lot of others I am missing, so just PM me if you see something you like. 

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