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Turn Key 40B Reef

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Hey Guys,

I have been toying around with the idea selling the reef for sometime now and downsizing. I think the day has finally come where I have my eye on a nice smaller AIO for my clownfish, bottom line is this is a SWEET reef with lots of fan favorites. I simply just don't give this the effort or time it deserves being a full time student and working full time for a very demanding job (PNWMAS Resident Dave O'brien can attest 😉). Come see it while it is up and running!

Bottom line I think I am somewhere along the lines of $1k deep into this, and we certainly don't do this for resale. Lets call it $550? Preference going to whoever wants the entire setup, might get back down to parting it out in the event nobody wants to take it all.

In all of its glory here we go.

-Typical 40b with 20g long sump. This sump has an acrylic kit I got off ebay years ago that has been silicone'd in resulting in 4 chambers and has worked flawlessly for me. 20lbs of live sand and I think I am somewhere near 30-40lbs of live rock between the display and sump. 

-Wireless dosing setup with 3 cell acrylic dosing storage

-Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer

-eshopps eclipse M overflow 

-generic UV sterilizer

-Several wave makers with main being a jebao cross flow/sine pump

-Jebao DCT-4000 return pump (just put it in)

-Nice heater with inkbird

-Custom T5 blackbox LED hybrid, has grown everything from softies to SPS fantastic and provides excellent colors all things considered (kinda janky looking, but really sweet)

-Home Built stand, nothing to phone home about. Based on steel 40b stand.

-Sump LED

-All these misc fish foods and supplements. Not to mention boat load of filter socks.



-Aptaisia eating filefish, total porker.

-Starry eye blenny, has an absurd amount of personality.

-Bonus Pistol Shrimp who I still see on occasion despite being nearly 3 years old.

-Blue Damsel

-Large turbo snail who does a great job at keeping this clean

(I will be keeping the bonded clownfish and possum wrasse)


-Couple kinds of montipora growing

-giant trump colony that had the center stung but is now more like 4 clusters of 8-12 heads

-Absurd amount of zoanthids from hawaiians, green palys, red bam bams, king midas, rastas, gobstoppers

-3 baby sunkists bounce mushrooms, 

-Green toadstools


-War coral

-GB flash favia


-Lots of Gorgonians (Thanks again Dave)

-Kenya trees, GSP, Sinularia, 

-Many a variety of mushroom, hairy, ricordia, and some others that seem to yield a variety of colors.

-Plenty of other corals like leptos growing in some crevices and fought other corals for small space.

-Finally, like a dozen ultra rainbow anemones.








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