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Aluminum 2020 frame builders in the house?

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I got my new SCA 120 gallon(48×24×24) I ordered aluminum extrusions and got 2020. I wondering if anyone has done the same with 2020. I also have 1/4 flat platform with 1/4 leveling mat under. Still waiting on starboard before I place my aquascape in and start the cycle. Thank I'm advance🤙20230114_202325.jpg20230114_202328.jpg20230114_202336.jpg

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  • islandVib3s changed the title to Aluminum 2020 frame builders in the house?
7 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:


@Stephen Sturges is doing an 8020 based stand for his new tank.  Still has a number of weeks before the tank arrives, but the 8020 is all here.

I'm going to build a 2x4 stand and redo this one. The red sea s500 stand has the similar 2020 frame but also wood to hold it tight so I'll have to take my time with this one.

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I am using 4040 for my stand. Wanted a bit of extra heft.  Using 2020 in black for my light rack.  One thing I noted is true 8020 from from 8020 is quite a bit heavier duty that the generic stuff off Amazon.  Did not have any method of structural analysis of the 2020 vs 4040.  Most tubular steel stands are more on order of 4040. Plus the aluminum has a lot of internal structure over tubular steel.

I should note that my tank is 48x34x27 so a bit bigger.  Are you to have panels on or something to give some shear resistance?


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