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Donate an Anemone to my School?


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Hi everyone,

I work as a school psychologist at the elementary and middle school level mostly addressing behavioral needs. I got permission from the elementary principal to set up an anemone and clownfish system in my office after winter break. I plan to use it as one of our end-of-day acknowledgments for kids that have a good day (who have been previously been struggling). My general plan was going to be to offer the opportunity to feed the fish if they meet a daily goal, and feed the anemone if they meet a weekly goal. A lot of kids I have been working with have been interested in ocean creatures (including a kindergartner who is absolutely obsessed ☺️), so it seemed like an easy but powerful enough motivator to advocate for.

I already have a spare Waterbox 15, AI Prime 16HD, heater, and ink bird.

I plan to get a Kraken lid with the acrylic cover to minimize evaporation and a pair of clowns.

I wanted to see if anyone that has a bunch of anemones that they don't know what to do with would be willing to donate one. Also, if you have a reliable ATO you are not using and can offer it for a good price, I can buy it off you. Unfortunately, the one I purchased for this tank from someone on this forum some time ago didn't turn out to actually work. 


Although I can't take pictures of kids feeding the tank when it's up and running (related to parent permissions), I'll be sure to share the setup!

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On 12/3/2022 at 9:29 AM, Blue Z Reef said:

Eugene is pretty far from me in Camas but if you want to come out, I’d be happy to give you one (or more) for your class. Mine are rainbows.


On 12/3/2022 at 10:18 AM, svt_guido said:

I drive past Eugene about twice a month, so I wouldn’t mind taking it.

I don’t have any anemones, but I can donate some zoas to add some spice


On 12/3/2022 at 10:52 AM, CuttleFishandCoral said:

I would be happy to donate one. 

Thank you guys! I’ll hit you up when I have the tank ready. I think the kids and teachers don’t know what they’re in for ☺️

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Pieced together some extra Marco rock and added clownfish last night. Planning to move it over at the end of this week. If anyone has some pulsing Xenia, green Kenya, or zoas to donate the tank is ready to tank them! I’m thinking on waiting till the tank is at the school to add the nems. The tank will be in my office window just inside the entrance of the school so it will get a lot of viewership.

Barring some tank tragedy, anything donated will be offered to be returned if the tank has to get shut down, such as if I get reassigned to a different school next year where I don’t have permission for a tank (yet 😊). 9108A21C-27DF-4E01-860B-FF942B93E513.thumb.jpeg.6f9ad5cf1f4bf4af01d4e68494df0ed4.jpeg

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