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Finicky Black Leopard wrasse


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So, I did the thing you aren't supposed to do. I went to a fish store, and got a fish without doing any research.

It was black Friday, I was looking for a wrasse to eat pests, and the dude said don't get a lemon wrasse, they can be jerks, get this black leopard wrasse.

It's an awesome looking fish, I tell him I have a 55 gallon tank, he said it should be fine.

So I get it. Get home, look it up and see this is a fish that requires expert care.

I was given copper at the store to treat my wrasse in quarantine. I did a bit of research and found that leopard wrasses are very sensitive to copper, so I went and did a methelyne blue dip. (This stuff is supposed to work wonders, but warning: it stains everything blue and it's very hard to see the fish to net it out)

Okay, so fish is dipped, but only eating copipods. Tried making brine shrimp as cheap alternative, kinda worked... Best food choice to get finicky wrasse eating prepared foods: Masstick - it sticks to glass!

Got masstick 14, added 7 ml of water, a cube of frozen shrimp, a bit of metro+ and a bit of focus to get this guy some meds.  You kneed it all together in the bag, and it freezes for a month.  It's a bit expensive, but cheaper than copipods and you can mix meds in.

So, day 2 of putting Masstick in the tank and the wrasse is eating. Hurray!

It's been 5 kinda stressful days. But now finicky wrasse is eating and I am hopeful it will do well. Each day it spends more time out of the sand.

If anyone has any tips on how to get my fish eating frozen food out of the water column I'd love to know.

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Try live black worms from the Wet Spot.  Great for a finicky fish while you get them transitioned to frozen. I've kept black worms alive in the fridge for a couple months, as long as you rinse them with fresh water once or twice a week.

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