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Corals for sale - Frogspawn, Digi, Monti, Zoas, Nems

Blue Z Reef

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Trying to clean out a large section of my tank. Here’s what I have ready to go:

*Located in Camas (98607)* I do not deliver, please plan to come here 

german blue digi - $10 for any size you want! 


Starburst monticap (orange with yellow polyps) - $20 for good size frags


frogspawn - Large 4 head $40, 2 head smaller heads $20, XXL 15+ head colony $100. Lots of others available!


orange with purple base rodactus shrooms - singles $15


NEMS! - standard rainbow $10 and up, Ultra color rainbow $20 and up. Have tons, will do discounts for multiples.


ZOAS - I have an insane mix of Mohawks and Mind Blowing Palys. Will give massive amounts for $5 each or free if you buy something else.



6 Line Wrasse - have a 6 line in my small tank, he’s being a [language filter] to my fire fish. If you come and catch him with me I’ll sell him for $20



I don’t have the best pics but everyone who has bought from me has been happy 😃 Make offers, always open to trades of some colorful zoas or other lps



some of the frogspawn and gb digi:


not my pic but this is what the starburst cap looks like:


up close pic of colony I’ll frag from:




An example of a regular vs ultra rainbow:



XXL frogspawn colony



zoas zoas zoas everywhere



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On 3/8/2023 at 11:29 PM, Blue Z Reef said:

Still have lots of everything, hit me up before I have to start dumping stuff off at the shops! I take cash and PayPal!

I'd be interested in the shrooms, frog spawn and zoas

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