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Selling Everything


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I'm selling all my equipment and tanks and moving states
12 gal mr aqua lowboy $100 
AquaKnight Light only blue lights work $25
AquaKnight light everything works $40
SeaChem HOB filter Tidal35 $40
low iron 1 gallon rimless cube $40
Aquatop MaxFlow WaveMaker $100
Marine land 160 canister filter $85
20 gallon breeder drilled w overflow and pipes 
barely used in box RedSea foundation ABC $20
Barely used marine ph buffer $5
IceCap KI nano skimmer used/like new $80
RedSea Marine fish/coral testing kits $10 each
AIO 5 gal rimless portrait w lid and stand $30
small amazon Marine light $20 like new 
6lbs sps rock
5 lbs purple branch rock live rock 
20 lbs live rock 
large cluster barnacles 
large shells 
Waterbox AIO 4 gallon rimless cube $50
AIO 3 gal w/lid $20
10 gal rimless w metal fitted lid $20 
free dirty 10 gallon w lid and equipment 
Airpod double outlet upto 55gal $10 
barely used reef roids $15
Tdo Hobbyist breeder pack $50
Never used Compact Culture System $50
Never used Roti Clean Filter $60
Rotigreen Omega 1 liter Brand New $60
New Bottle of SD Aquarist $10
New Bottle RG Complete $20
New oyster feast $15
half full oyster feast $5
half full phyto feast $5
6 gal rimless lowboy established set up, Dragons breath nice rocks live rock 6 pounds 
led light, fitted glass lid, heater, HOB Filter, and wave maker all together $100

Ai prime with Mount $200 less then a yr old 

HOB refugium with pump and light $50









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