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ReeFi Uno 2.0 Pro now available


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ReeFi Uno 2.0 Pro in stock, order now!





Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Complete blue to UV spectrum coverage for best coral coloration and growth.
  • Broad wide spectrum Amber, Lime, with Cool and Warm White LEDs bring out the vivid colors of fishes and corals.
  • Edge to Edge ReeFlectors® – Anti-glare, more even light distribution, color blend, and natural shimmer in compact form factor with individual ReeFlector™ for each LED diode.
  • 9 Color Spectrums with 9 individual channels and highest precision dimming of 0.097% increments.
  • Auto time sync and Auto moon phase lighting capable on any combinations of channels. Design your own moon color.
  • Easy to setup and program with built-in WiFi web server, fully customizable program schedule settings that can be saved to file for backup and sharing.
  • Advance cooling to keep LED at optimal performance with temperature sensor and PID fan control.
  • 114 LED diodes, using 28 larger 4in1 LEDs.
  • 270W max power.
  • 3 Years Warranty.


Spectral Analysis




ReeFlectors® – Intensity and Spread

Let’s talk about spread and intensity with different ReeFlectors®:

  1. 60degs ReeFlectors® (sold separately)
  2. 90degs ReeFlectors® (installed by default)
  3. 120degs ReeFlectors® (included)
  4. 160degs No ReeFlectors®



Compare to the Competition

  • Surpassing industry standards with 3 Years Warranty
  • Highest wattage premium Reef LED fixture with best value.
  • Most LED color diodes with individual color channel of control.




Now Available

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Visited a friend setup and measured their XR30 G6. Pretty simple math to me. 😉

ReeFi Uno2 is $450 till end of Nov then it's $480.  The small price increase is to help me cover part of the 25% tariff.  Expecting bulk Uno2 shipment to arrive after Thanksgiving.



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See what others are saying:

Reviews and Social Media – ReeFi Lab (reefi-lab.com):

ReeFi Uno 2.0 Pro – the telegraham take

“The Uno 2.0 Pro is the AI Prime, XR15, and XR30 all wrapped up in a small business offering. Why I find the Uno 2 to be so cool is that it’s the first light that I feel scales from beginner to experienced without the reefer needing to buy a new light as their time in the hobby grows.”


New Reefi Lab Uno 2.0 Pro – unboxing

The G5 Pro xr-15 could grow coral but the over all color rendering on coral can’t compare to Uno2. My JF Homewrecker, Orgeon Tort, ShowGirl and BubbleYum, to name the few, have beautiful fluorescence radiance.

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