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Pink Cadillac GrowOut Competition!

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Here is my February submission last picture. 
it is still growing. The frag as you can see has gotten a little bleached. It may be getting too much might but I suspect it has more to do with my alkalinity. 
As this is to educate @Lexinvertsmentioned that the tips of sps can get bleached with too high of alk.  This is also a reminder of what a delicate balance sps can be.

I hand dose with all for reef and I had mixed up my own batch a year ago and it lasts forever but I suspect the last bit of it didn’t mix properly and the alk was low as it dropped to 6. I kept upping the amount and no change so I switched to a new bottle that I had on hand and overshot the amount and the levels jumped pretty high and it took a 2 weeks to get it back to 8/9. 

The frag is up high in my tank but I do think it is the high all because my tricolor that has been in the same place for almost 2 years also lost the purple color on the tips and as many of you know it takes a few weeks to cause a color change and a millennium for the color to come back. Just happy it all stayed alive !




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On 2/28/2023 at 4:14 PM, obrien.david.j said:

Here's my February Frag pictures.  Still have it on a frag rack in the main display tank.





I see those polyps

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