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Full tank set up for sale, RS reefer 425xl


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We are planning to move in Feb/March of next year. So that means the tank has to go. Im located in Hillsboro. 

Tank and equipment…

Redsea reefer 425xl 

3x radions xr30 g3 (2 diffusers)

Aquaticlife 48” 4 bulb fixture with 4 extra bulbs

Simplicity 240dc skimmer 

2x ai nero 5

1 mp 40 (2015 version)

Jebao return pump 

Jebao dp4 dosing pump

BRS gfo/carbon reactor with maxi jet pump


1 hippo tank

2 clown fish 

6 chromis 

1 6 line wrasse 

1 cleaner shrimp

50-60lbs of live rocks. 


Too many to list but what you see is what you get. Mainly lps, some softies and some sps. No pests that Ive seen and no aiptasia at all. 

Im asking $4,000 for everything listed and what you see in the photos. Plus what I have laying around like salt, test kits, etc… 

I dont want to part out yet so please dont ask. I can help with the tank break down. Pm if you want to come look at it or if you have any questions, Thanks. 







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On 10/27/2022 at 12:07 PM, Lifer said:

Hey, I'd recognize my RBTs anywhere.  Looking good.  It's grown! GLWS.

Hey there, yes the big one was from you! Lol. Awesome rbta. Funny but this is probably my favorite in the tank. 

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On 10/27/2022 at 4:31 PM, CrazyInside said:

Very nice looking tank. To bad you have to take it down with it all grown out like that. 

Thank you! I would definitely keep it if we didnt have to move but I really dont want to do a tank transfer especially from house to house. That would be my very last option if the tank doesnt end up selling. 

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Asking $2600 for the whole set up this includes all the corals in the tank. Or… 

$1200 for all the corals. (I sold some corals, so please look at the updated pictures). 

$1600 for tank set up. 
Redsea reefer 425xl, stand, sump, simplicity 240dc skimmer, 2x AI Nero 5 wave makers, 1 mp40, 3 radions xr 30 g3 with reef link, 48” aquaticlife 4 lamp hybrid light fixture, jebao return pump and BRS dual reactor.

Not parting out the corals yet. Pm if interested. 




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