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My Heater Failed.!.


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Luckily it happened in the off position.
I run a cheap Aqueon heater and it’s been 6 months and 20 days.

I had a back up heater installed set to 74*.

I have a heater controller set to 80* in case my heater were to get stuck in the “on” position, and prevent it cooking my fish and coral.

any suggestions on a quality piece?
I’m im looking at the Hygger titanium heater, which comes with another controller or maybe I can support BRS and get one from them?

I liked the Aqueon because it was compact. My tank is a 20 gallon long.

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1 hour ago, obrien.david.j said:

My goto heaters have been; Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater.

BRS is not the cheapest place to get them.  I just checked, BRS has 100W for $27, amazon has it for $20.


I second this, also my go to I use one in my fresh water tank too

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