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Blue Tang at Petco


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If you have the quarantine tank setup to fully medicate this fish and sanitize it, then go for it I guess, but.... If you don't, let it die.  

They'll just get another one to kill if you buy it.  The longer it "lives" in their tanks, the longer it takes untill they order a new dead-fish-swimming.  

Petco is absolutely gross.

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While in school I became the aquatics manager at the petco in Davis California (at the time called aquatics specialist). 

I will second Micah’s opinion on the average petco.   Unless you have someone who is highly invested in learning the complexities and requirements of each species, those fish die quickly.

If your local petco has a good lead…they can be a great resource with excellent fish. 

Like everything around us…it depends on who you have working for you.

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My local petco is remodeling their entire aquatics section. I got my clowns and firefish from them. Plus a really nice zoa colony fwiw the aquatics person there seems to actually care and asks good questions when inquiring about fish such as tank length whats your current salinity age of tank etc etc. They werent going to even let me buy a featherduster unless I could feed it!

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I picked up a sailfin from my local petco years ago........... it was the size of a quarter and went from a 20 gallon to a 40 gallon then a 100 gallon before I sold it to a memeber on the forum........... the fish was probably 4" when I sold it. 

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