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FS: Apex / Neptune, Tunze, icecap 4k gyres, RO/DI uni, Dosers, and more


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All are required pickup by Wednesday.

Apex EL with EB8, display, pH probe, temp probe, breakout box, float switch, physical feed button $350

Neptune COR-20 pump $200

Neptune WAV $90

Xp  aqua RO/DI flood guardian $35 (RO auto fill/shutoff)

Tunze Osmolator 3155 - pump has degraded performance, will only pump about 1-2ft of vertical head pressure. Might need new pump. $50

Icecap 4k gyres 2x pumps 1x dual controller $250

Tunze ecochic Refugium light $40

BRS 4 stage + RO/DI needs all new filters $50

BRS 500w titanium heater $25

Frag rack $10

Icecap dosing tube holder $10

refractometer $10

BRS 1.1ml doser $20

algae clip $5

Hannah ULR phosphate checker $25

Hannah Marine Nitrate $20










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Just to clarify, that's an EB832 you're selling, not the older EB8.  The EB832 has 8 x 120v outlets, plus 3 x 1Link ports and 2 x 24vDC accessory ports, and includes per-outlet power monitoring on the 120v outputs which the older EB8 does not provide.  It's a much more feature-rich item than the EB8.

For full details, see my Apex Hardware Overview tutorial article:  https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/apex-hardware-overview.775/


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