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WTB Micro Brittle Starfish


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Theres a couple ways but they wouldnt be safe you could always split the rocks thats one way. Another way would be to take the rock with the brittles and place it onto or next to another piece of live rock I had luck using this method. My lfs had some live rock that was infested with brittle stars so I bought 2lbs of it and now I have brittle stars lol.

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13 hours ago, Eatfrenchfries said:

Does anyone have these in the Portland area? looking for a few specimens to fill in a bioluminescent display. 

I've got micro brittle stars accessible in my tanks.   maybe 1/2-3/4" across.   How many you want?   

Do you expect them to be bioluminescent? 

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@obrien.david.j however many is feasible. It's for a 20G zooplankton display that I am beginning to feed pyrocystis fusiformis weekly. 

Experimenting with what will eat these dinos and someone recommended brittle stars. 

I am planning a trip to the coast to visit some hatcheries for skeleton shrimp to see if I can culture them for this display as well. 


If I can establish a recurring algae bloom in the display then I am going to begin feeding my opae ula display as well which has a reactor for passive phyto production. The water is stagnant with flow coming in occasionally when airbubbles build up in a trap. 20230904_000823.jpg


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