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Need help with AIO aquarium purchase


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So I've been out of the hobby for a few years as I sold my house and my fish tank lol. But I miss saltwater so thinking about getting a new tank. I wasn't thinking anything big like my old 75 gal with 38 gal sump, but instead, one of these AIO tanks. First thought was basic jbj or coralife biocube. But now we have a bunch like the fluval 32 gal flex. Red sea and rimless waterbox which is too expensive for my taste etc.


if you see attached picture looks Kinda like a built in stand huh:) I cannot have a sump though. But I wouldn't mind filling this space which to be safe would be 40 inches long and 18 inches wide. The height can't be more than 21 inches. So I have good access as max is 30 inches. Looks like I could do maybe 50 gal or even up to 60 if dimensions are correct. 


So any good suggestions for aio systems in this size range? I can just go with all these 32 gal but might as well fill this space up.




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You can build an aio out of a 40 gallon breeder. It is really a lot easier than you may think. You can build a wall out of back acrylic and design baffles in it. Tap plastics can help you cut the pieces to your desire.  I would design it around the protein skimmer of your choice, filter roller and an ats. I did a project like that for a 33gallon cube tank. I was very happy with it. I thought it was better than all the aio designs around. 

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Sheesh I didn't even look at for sale stuff on forum. Been out of the loop for awhile. 

Right now I am in between IM fusion pro 2 40L as it will fit in there or just 40 gal breeder with aio fujicube kit


I'm going to search forum for reviews on IM fusion tanks and its only 13 inches high which is concerning as I dont want just a frag tank. 

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