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New to Oregon and reefing

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Hi everyone :)


I’m Jessica. I’m relatively new to the area (I live in Sellwood) and new to keeping reef tanks. I have done freshwater tanks and always wanted a reef tank and finally had the opportunity to try it.  I have a 20 gallon Red Sea Max Nano tank that is almost 3 months old now and I finally am starting to kind of feel like I have some idea of what I am doing 😅 I don’t have a lot in the tank yet, currently just 2 clowns, a pink spotted watchman goby paired with a tiger pistol shrimp, a couple different zoa frags, a small mushroom, a sympodium frag and a handful of snails. Hoping to make some friends in the area and learn more. I think I will be able to make it it to the meeting on Sunday, looking forward to meeting people :)

Adding a picture of my tank even though it’sa bit ugly at the moment 🙈


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