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WTB dark/sump live rock from established tank

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Hi all,

Brand new to reefing here; set up a new 50g aio tank about a month ago. Nothing in it but bottled bacteria/live sand/sterile rock. Based on all my research before I add fish or coral I want to seed the tank with some live rock to get the good stuff (more diverse bacteria, copapods, sponges, coralline algae). There are LFS that have dark cured live rock but I've been given advice that I'd have better luck from a high quality private tank.

I'm looking to buy a piece or two of well aged dark cured live rock from a good quality, well established (~more than 2 years) tank, preferably one that has a good history with respect to pests. Only hard requirements are that the rock must have been stored in a completely dark area (no sun, no lights, no refugium lights) to prevent photosynthetic pests. Also would need to be less than ~3-4" in size to allow me to place it in the back sump area.

Willing to pay whatever you think is fair within reason (~$6-$12 a lb). Let me know if you think you can help, maybe a pic of the tank as well, and thanks!

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