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Red Sea 525XL - Dry Goods Part Out


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This is about a 7-8 year old tank. The glass is in pretty good shape with only a two small noticeable scratches above the sand bed line.  The sump has repaired glass corner on an internal baffle,  it's non structural and doesn't really hold back any water. There is a starboard bottom for it and a mesh top with three feeding portals. The stand is lined with mass loaded vinyl for sound attenuation. I built a "wire wall" on dry part of the stand that is attached with magnets and can easily be pulled out for cord management.Rev 1 Sump with 5 gallon top off reservoir

So far what's for sale that isn't spoken for is:

Tank sump and stand $800

Neptune COR-2 return pump $250

2x Icecap 4k Gyre $300

Neptune WAV $100

12 month old Apex EL with display $475

Shoppes X-220 skimmer. $200 The pump bracket that holds the pump to the base was cracked and repaired with epoxy and the skimamte cup was cracked and repaired $150

2x Tunze EcoChic Lights $50 each (1x grew chaeto slowly, 2x grows it fast!)

BRS Doser 1.1ml $30

BRS 500W Titanium Heater $40

BRS Nitrate Reactor $40

BRS 75gpd 4-stage RO/DI $100

BRS Refractometer $20

Hannah HR Nitrate $30

Hannah ULR Phosphate $30







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