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FS: Large amount of Live/aquacultured rock


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Next up after the corals are sold, is the rock.


1. I have a rock tree circled in red on the left side off the tank that measures about 22in wide and 15in deep, and 14in tall. It's coming out of the tank next weekend, so if you want anything alive on like the remnants of the purple stylo and tri color acro you need to buy it before then. There is the central rock with 5 shelves that fit into it via acrylic rods. I drilled 3-5 holes per shelf for frag plugs.

2. Flat-ish dry rock with lots of holes for $5. No encrusted corals.

3. All the remaining rock on the right side is man-made rock from cuttlefish. There is a Tonga piece, a flat shelf pieces, and about two large pieces and two medium size pieces. These pieces will vary and you will get remnants of Green Slimer, Forest Fire digi, orange monti cap, Oregon mummy eye, Super man monti, Beach bum monti, rainbow monti, and two Sunkist bounce mushrooms. I'll be asking $30-50 per piece depending on size and corals. 



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