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Losing my Hammer


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I have this hammer and over the past month or so, it’s been receiving… first I lost the one head and it’s now taking over the second… is it worth trying to save or should I get rid of it to prevent any pest maybe.?. Idk

ive dipped in coral rx, peroxide, and iodine.

I was dosing trace elements and my zoas lost a good amount of color, I’ve since stopped. All other hammers are doing great-ish… 

sal 1.025

alk 8.5

mag might be high, my corals don’t seem to be consuming it.

nitrates are at about 2ppm

phospates are also pretty low, maybe .25 ppm

Ph 8+

im new so I’m not sure if it may be a pest or some sort of infection maybe…

my tank is also small so idk if maybe it’s too much flow


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For pho I’m still using the api, so whatever the first value is… but it’s low for sure…

im gonna take a water sample todays and have a store verify…


im also leaning towards Bjd… im just learning about it so I’m gonna reasearch more on it and maybe treat with cipro…

woodys is closed today but maybe I can find it somewhere else.


I moved 2 hammers to a “quarantine tank with less flow to hopefully slow the spread

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Do the cipro, it’s a chill treatment, overall had zero issues doing it myself. Cured the BJD no problem. Lost nothing.


Cant say for sure that is it based on your vid, usually you see brown jelly crap over them, especially after lights out. Regardless, I’d start there as Cipro won’t really disturb anything else.


If your phos is actually lower at like .025 or whatever the lowest is, wouldn’t cause that unless you zeroed it quickly. Honestly, 0.25 is high but if it happened gradually it also likely wouldn’t take them out. Fast changes of any parameters in general could cause the issue though. Still ditch the API for something like either Hanna checker or even Salifert. When really in doubt, it never hurts to do an ICP test and give yourself the most accurate baseline to go off of. Good piece of mind for $45.

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I’ll get the Hannah soon.

Im glad to hear it didn’t cause damage… I don’t like adding things to my tank without having a good understanding of it…

I’ve read that people suggest doing water changes. How much (%) water should I be replacing every 12 hours?

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I don’t recall doing water changes during Cipro treatment. I did remove carbon, UV and turned my skimmer down so it wouldn't collect during that time (DC pump). After I was done I put everything back and did like a 10% change with AWC over a few days.

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Update #1

these pictures were taken after the lights turned on so things are just waking up lol…



I turkey blasted the minty green hammer so it should only get better from here. 90AA2D0F-A5FE-4988-AFEB-02B5496E017B.jpeg


my purple hammers are not doing terrible but I can’t hurt.



My green splatter is definately shrunken to about 15% polyp extension



In an attempt to preserve the potency of the medication I plan on leaving the lights off today and covering the tank. I’ve read this won’t cause harm to the coral.

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Update #2

It’s been 24 hours finde first treatment.

honestly my minty green hammer looks too far gone.0D451B2A-FA54-4C92-B8B8-206471B3C886.jpeg

I did notice a stringy stuff next to the dead head. Idk if you can see it. Is this something I should be concerned about.?. 
the tank they’re in had no corals and lights off for 2 weeks.





my green splatter seems on, the tissue seems in good shape, just not very extended



lastly my purple hammers are also doing good


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It looks like it's trying to hang on. Keep your water clean and fingers crossed. I would leave it in if it does die. I had a hammer die and about 6 months later I noticed a bunch of little bumps on the skeleton. About a year later and I had a huge colony. 

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