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DIY degassing chamber


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3 hours ago, Abarger16 said:

Has anyone made a degassing chamber for their rodi? Im burning through di resin really fast

I would guess the RO membrane is spent and pre-filter/s. Whats your tds going in and out? Howmany stages are you using? Might need to bump up the stages to help RO membrane and save DI.

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Alright since I just realised that ive givin no information.

I have a 4 stage 150 gpd brs rodi system my input tds is 174tds out of the membrane is 2-3 tds 

Im on well water 

Iron is 4ppm

Hardness is 9gpg

Ph 7

I go through a resin refill in about 250 gallons of water

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