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Lost some of my girlfriend's montipora collection in the move. Anyone have some for trade/sale?


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So I relocated from California to Portland, Oregon and took my saltwater collection with me. Unfortunately not everything survived the trip and initial cycling of the tanks. Mainly my girlfriend's monti collection she had been working on. Oops. I have some macroalgae to trade if anyone can help me with my list. $ can be added to sweeten the pot. 

Looking for: 

Montipora - Cherry Tree / Juicy Fruit / Crazy T / Alter Ego / Peyote Dream / Nauti Spiral / Vino / Grafted 


Macroalgae Available: Shaving Brush, Pine Cone, Mermaid Fan, Halimeda optunia, Cymopolia barbata, Bryothamnion, Botryocladia, Halymenia durvillei, Hypnea pannosa, Graciliara (tikvahiae, parvispora, cervicornis), Red Lace, Euchema, Dictoya friabilis, Red mangroves, Galaxuara. 




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3 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

Welcome to the forum. I don’t have many montis just mystic sunset and a digi. We are having a meeting at Golden Basket this Sunday and I’m Rudy has lots of montis in stock.


I'd love to get out for the meeting but unfortunately have work that day. Fingers crossed for the next one. 

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