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20 Gallon AIO With Fish Stand


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Moving soon and won’t be able to hold onto this. Just got into the hobby, but want to make sure this goes to someone well.

20 NUVO Fusion PRO AIO - Innovative marine (a little over a year old) (Top fin fish stand / water heater included) (sold)

Asking for $300 

Rock scape included if desired

Currently what’s in the tank

-1 Darwin clownfish $15 (sold)

-1 watchman goby $12 (sold)

-1 pistol shrimp (yes they are paired) $12 (sold)

-couple snails $1 each (sold)

-Zoas that have been glued down (sold)

-torch $15 (sold)

-Duncan $15 (sold)

-Sinularia $13 (sold)

-baby rose tip anemone $10 (sold)

-mushroom $5 (sold)

hoping to find the livestock a home before selling tank

feel free to pm and I’ll do my best to answer any questions

Forgot to mention that I'm in NW Portland.


Mods please close. Thank you. 

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