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Tank Transport Question

John Vinson

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I'm seriously thinking about picking up a used Red Sea Reefer 350 and I'll need to pick it up myself (I have a trailer), but I want to make sure I don't damage it during the transport.  My first thought is to rent some moving blankets from u-haul, and maybe bring some extra pillows or other padding that I can find around the house.  I'd cushion the bottom of the tank with the blankets, as well as shield all of the sides.  I'm curious how anyone else has managed this (i.e. using ratchet straps, etc to keep it from sliding around in the trailer, and absorb the inevitable bumps it'll experience along the way).  Anyone have any expertise or advice?  Thanks in advance!

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Ratchet straps with styrofoam between tank and strap work great as a way to secure it to the truck.  

i used that for my 360 move.  I had a heart attack when we went over every bump,  but the tank made it just fine. 

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