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New Hammer Help - Brown Jelly?


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Picked this guy up about 5 days ago. In my QT at the moment and he was in bad shape starting this morning. Up until today, all good. Hard to make out but that head on hte left is spewing a brown substance and falling apart.

Certainly seems like brown jelly. I ordered some iodine but cipro is hard to find. Is there any real way to save this guy?

I got other hammers and torches at the same time, in the same tank now. Should I remove this one to save the others or just too late?



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14 minutes ago, goldenbasketreef said:

Chemiclean & Ciprofloxacin with small powerhead, overnight / 12 hours treatment

All new import euphyllia need to be treated in QT


Would you suggest treating the entire tank or removing that one to a bucket treatment? It's just an invert QT with a few other torch/hammers at this point.

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