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Dark red neocaridina shrimp price edited


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***EDIT PRICE ERROR*** I meant the offer on these was 25 shrimp for $40, they don't go less than a dollar each wholesale unless it's really cheap cherry shrimp with low color šŸ™‚ I will honor the price listed for the two people who replied but future sales I can't go below this price of $40 for 25 shrimp***Original post follows...

I have a lot of Neocaridina shrimp at $25 for 40 if anyone is interested. I kind of let my Bloody Mary line go unculled and they drifted darker than they should be, then tried to establish a very dark line so I have these guys that are in between the two. They are way nicer than pet store cherry shrimp and some stores still sell Bloody Mary shrimp that look like this but I won't. SE Portland near 205 and Foster. Also listing a 90, mini sump and a few other things in the regular classifieds.




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