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Need help moving... Wait, come back! Where are you going?


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So... I am in escrow and I need to move this aquarium (waterbox 180.5) to my new house.  I've started preparing for it, but I realized that I'm a weakling and need some muscle. I'm borrowing suction cups, but need help moving this behemoth. 

Im hoping for this coming weekend.  

Any takers?  I'd be forever thankful!

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11 minutes ago, Micah said:

Well, I'm not seeming to find enough resources for this move... I may have to push the move.  Starting to worry a little.   I need more strong friends. :)


I must have missed some details.  When do you need the help moving?   Is it this weekend?

  • Location: SW Portland (tigard-ish)--> South Wilsonville
  • Date/Time: ??


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Yeah, I was thin on the details.   

Date/Time - Sunday - earlyish/tbd


I am really rushing to make enough water to get this done too, so it may end up having to be pushed to next weekend - or mid-week if possible.  Honestly, whenever I can enough help and have the water made. 

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I need about 100 or so gallons, so I'm going to start getting water made at the new house today/tonight (waiting on some plumbing parts)  I just want water made here so I don't have to move a ton of it.  I have a 100 gallon stock tank I can fill


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