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2nd week of testing cal alk mag.


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Okay so just for the sake of getting it out there im using bags of fritz rpm and I do a biweekly water change of 30% no skimmer


Ph: 8.0 Api test not confident

Nitrate: 16ppm Redsea test

Phos:.08 Redsea test

Cal:460 salifert 

Alk:8.3 salifert 

Mag:1410-1440 salifert

Waterchange: 8/2/2022


Ph: 8.0

Nitrate: 12ppm

Phos: .04




Im not sure why it went up I retested  everything 2x today just to make sure

Using salifert Cal/Alk/Mag

I stir up the salt before I mix and I mix without heat. 

Advertised Cal/Alk/Mag

Cal: 440

Alk: 8.5

Mag: 1425

Just thought I would share my params 

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