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Trying to Beat the Heat :)


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My Chiller was on a bunch during the daytime, and heater a few times at night.  My frag tank and sump are all in the garage (T-Air).  Plus I pull the Hood air (T-Hood) from the house, into the garage.   And I track my RO make up water temp (T-RO), which gets added from Midnight to 7am each day.  I've had the RO heater go out during the winter, and it's amazing how much impact 5 gallons of Cold RO water can have on an overall ~350gallon system volume.


Left Axis is just tank temp (Light Orange Line) - maintained little  ~1.1 degree swing.

Right Axis is T-air (Blue), T-Hood (Green), T-RO (Darkest Orange)  - with Air Temp swinging the sidets from 75F at night, to 87F during the day - Even in my garage!  Outside temps this week did hit 100F.  Hmm, I should track that.   New Probe needed for "T-Out"?    Darn Apex 6 character limit, forces funky names. 



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