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5 foot 100 gallon tank part out


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Buyer backed out so I’m parting this out I will get pics this evening! I’m in Oregon city and can also meet near Wilsonville 

NO LIVESTOCK pic if for reference of tank, sump, skimmer. 

100 gallon 5 foot tank, glass is in pretty dang good shape some very minor scratches here and there but not noticeable from any more than probably 2-3 feet back from the glass. Coke with a very well built black stand( could use new hinges as they are rusty) tank has center drilled overflow. Tank and stand with 20 gallon long sump-$500

ATB skimmer with avast marine neck cleaner-$250

older style Apex lite with 3 EB8s, one of the eb8s has a bad plug 2 of them function perfectly, temp probe, ph probe (still wet) Wi-Fi dongle, black display-$250

3 Kessil A360w tuna blues, function as they should and include gooseneck and I can also include custom built hangers that mount to the back of the stand, they are made for a 120 gallon depth tank. Lights with goosenecks are-$140 each

i have a bunch of dry rock a lot of them are big pieces at 2 bucks a pound or coke take it all for-$60 bucks

gyre xf130 with controller with spare blades, cages etc and also ice cap interface-$80 bucks without ice cap $100 with ice cap interface

kessil a80 tuna blue was used as a fuge light so the mount is kinda goofy but works great $70 bucks 

apex break out box 20 bucks

pm1 module 40 bucks I have 2 of them 

waveline return pump apex ready 100 bucks

I’ll add more parts tonight 









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