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Frag plugs to remove or not.


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I ALWAYS remove the plugs.  I have a saw so I freshly cut and remount them.  This process also includes an inspection with a lighted 10x lens to look for bugs.  

Here is what works for me for mounting... put a glob of super glue on your finger and smear it hard onto the rock where you are going to mount the frag.  Then put a big glob of glue on the frag and then place it onto the fresh glue on the rock.  There are variations on this that use epoxy but you need SG to get it to stick to the rock.  


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3 hours ago, Yourmedic said:

So, I'm new to coral and have 2 pieces; my question is, doesn't dipping the coral get rid of the pest? Can some pest still survive the dip? I have Red Sea Coral Induction Bath Dipx. 

Coral dip kills most pests but it won't kill the eggs. It's believed pests lay eggs on the plugs so lots of people like to take the coral off the plug. Even then it doesn't guarantee it to be pest free. 

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