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55 Gallon Cichlid Aquarium For Sale

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Heading off to college so it’s time to find a new home for this tank. 55 gallons. 12 inches deep, 24 inches tall, 48 inches long. From base of stand to top of tank it is 55 inches. 5 peacock and 2 haps come with it. Everything pictured is included along with a flipper magnet algae scrubber and a small powerhead. Sand is routinely vacuumed. Me and a family member can help you transport it out of my house. Honestly I don’t know what a fair price is for the setup so just shoot me a price you feel is fair. Located in lake Oswego. EB67BF72-BC68-45FC-A086-1713E6F508F2.thumb.jpeg.c090732f9680f50d7b457af80ab17b4e.jpeg1E9992FB-FD82-407F-8EFC-BA000CB91B46.thumb.jpeg.4bf638d8b22f9c59acfc1859a869c643.jpegCFA9018E-A1FF-4CE2-8517-92D55E586A5F.thumb.jpeg.7d1f323364cad47c89667d3b8fbc46ba.jpegBE2DCFCD-3F36-4575-B4E3-2DC3D08ACFDF.thumb.jpeg.3dc557a6bc05dd89b29e4fdd7df85a9b.jpeg

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