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Where did my Magnesium go?


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Started a 210 with a 40 gal of water sump at the beginning of January. Added some fish (about 14) a month ago. I have 3 coral, a polyp, an anemone, and just was gifted a flowerpot. I have never had my MG up to 1300. I’m not sure why that is and looking for help. When looking up on the webs, a lot of people were saying it is the salt you use, but my salt looks like it has a high level? I did a 10% water change and barely moved the needle. I’m currently dosing with “Reef Advantage Magnesium”. Thoughts? 




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Put your trident sample line in a bucket of newly mixed water and run a test.  If that comes back low, get an additional mg test kit.  Trident isn't good at accurate readings, but rather relative change.  Always have another test kit for everything it tests

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