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Custom tank, Lights, Skimmer, Calcium Reactor and more!


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With the new tank wet it's time to start posting a bunch of things I'll no longer be using. Everything will be ready for pick up in less than 3 weeks once I get the livestock transferred over to the new system. I will be taking deposits on items that people want to reserve. What doesn't sell locally will be posted on R2R besides the tank. If the tank doesn't sell once it's emptied it'll be going to Upscales on consignment and the price will be raised significantly. I'm posting the tank, stand and sump together as a package that the buyer will be responsible for moving and picking up on their own. Everything is in excellent working condition and will be fully cleaned and ready to setup when sold.


Tank was custom built by OBD up in Seattle, it measures 48x30x18 with a Starphire low iron front panel. It sits on a custom built 2x2 steel frame that's built strong enough to park a truck or two on top of. All of the panels are removable magnetically and finished off in semi gloss black Formica microdot laminate (top of the line commercial counter top grade, not the cheap thin stuff you buy from Home Depot)

Tank does have a few scratches but is still in excellent condition

Sump was custom built by myself, it measures 48x24x16 and is large enough to hold every piece of equipment you would ever need and then some. It also has a built in frag area that measures 24x20 or could also substitute as a large refugium if that's your thing.

Tank, Stand, Sump, DC Return Pump all of the necessary plumbing and a 6 gallon acrylic freshwater ATO container for $1200 picked up and moved by you and a friend or two of your choice. As I said above, if I have to move the tank to Upscales then the price will be going up significantly. Just these pieces alone are over $4000 new.

Pictures are from when the tank was initially setup, serious buyers are more than welcome to come over and look the tank over before it's dismantled. I will not hold the tank without a cash non-refundable deposit and an agreed pickup date.





ATI Powermodule Hybrid V2 (this is the non wi-fi version that needs to be programmed via laptop) 8x54w of T5's + 3x75w led clusters. Comes with a fresh set of bulbs installed with less than 3 months of use, a few brand new bulbs that have been burnt in and ready to use and about 20-ish bulbs that have seen no more than a two months of use. I have multiples of every bulb color available so you can come up with any bulb combo imaginable! Base unit does have a few of the display lines that aren't working, it has no effect on the light since you'll only use the display to set the clock on initial setup and then never look at it again. $650


Koralin C1502 Calcium Reactor, this little beast of a reactor powered my tank when it was all to wall Acro's with ease. Ultra small footprint and can be used internally or externally. Comes loaded with fresh media ready to run and an upgraded needle valve for better output control. $175




5# Aluminum CO2 bottle freshly filled $75


Carbon Doser CO2 regulator, hands down the best and most accurate co2 regulator money can buy. $200





Neptune Apex Classic, comes with base module (orange label), EB8, Display, PH,Temp and ORP probes & 500w Titanium heater.

PH and ORP probes are less than 6mo old and obviously still wet. $200


I'm sure as I go through my endless boxes of reef equipment I'll have more to add along the way.



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