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Clownfish help


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Hi all, I just recently added a second clown fish to my system in hopes for it to pair with my well established one. There is a significant size difference and they are getting along, and hangout in the same area but they aren’t eating. I was curious if this is typical when pairing or if anyone has any recommendations to get them to eat. I’ve seen the new one eat a crumb but that’s really it. And the established one used to eat like a pig but now just stays put and let’s the food pass by. It’s been almost a week since I’ve got the new clownfish and I’m getting worried.

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I would qt all your fish asap, in case you didn't qt the new one,may have gotten them sick. Try garlic soaking the food and see if they will eat. If not I would qt and treat, its hard when they don't eat,they can go a week without eating if they were in good health imop. I haven't had this problem. I qt, soak food in meds,last resort is copper treatment 

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