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New Reefer

Andy Shubin

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Hi folks. I have recently (6 wks.) started a 75 Gal reef tank. I have retired from teaching, photography, and working with the dept. of fisheries with Oregon and Washington. I have a Zoology degree. I have also run a Carnivorous Plant business for many years. Its funny that I have a degree in Animals but worked with plants that act like animals, and now I am undertaking playing with animals that include plants.( I think my name will be ZooBot Andy). My tank is low tech. I did a quick cycle with live sand, bacterial solution, with Ammonium chloride. Being a senior I really don't have the years I would like to have to develop the hobby. So I pushed the process. Bought too many fish and corals too fast. Lost some fish and corals. Currently have about 30 mixed corals, I clownfish left, some snails, a star fish, and 2 camelback shrimp that the saltwater aquarium person at Petco sold me as reef safe that have been nibbling on some coral. I just got past the ugly brown stage of diatoms. doing lots of water changes to keep water parameters reasonably good. I attended the get together at Cuttlefish and Corals and get supplies, livestock, and advice from them. I have been correcting many mistakes since I started my Reef tank. (I keep wondering if maybe I should have gone fowler.) If any of you reefers out there live in Vancouver, Wa. and are willing to meet, share tanks, knowledge, get together to chat about all things reefy it would be a great help for me. You can contact me through this site or text me on cell at 360 713-7979. 

Thanks, ZooBot Andy


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