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Sharing some tanks and equipment

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Hi all,

I need to clean out my basement and have some various items that I have collected over the years and need a new home.  I will be putting up additional items as I go but lets start with these...

UPDATE - Everything is gone or pending pickup.  Thanks for the interest and stay tuned for a new Share the Love gear thread soon!

1. Very nice "specimen" tank that was used to house some cold water species.  Overall tank dimensions 31 long, 14 tall and 18 deep.  Built in external overflow and drilled return, recessed acrylic lid and 4 evenly spaced slotted dividers.  This tank is really well made and relatively thick to be run cold.  Comes with sturdy "no nonsense" stand and sump with small skimmer.  Sump is old school wet/dry design but easily modded to suit.



2. One 36 inch T5 4 bulb light with two switched circuits.  Nothing fancy and missing glass splash guard but works.  Would fit over the above tank.  Bulbs are new old stock.



3.  New in box Magniflow 360 canister filter.  Not standard issue for our tanks I realize but still can be useful.


Let me know if these are useful to anyone.  In terms of sharing the love - it would be great if you were a paying member... or decided to become one.


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4 hours ago, islandVib3s said:

I could use the specimen tank and light. If someone needs a stand and sump.

That could work. I realize the whole setup might not be ideal for everyone.  That said - would be preferable to all go together from my basements perspective 😆

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